ISIT works with organisations to transform their Vision Into A Measurable Reality.

Understanding your idea / Problem / Pain Points

Our team of consultants first understand your idea / Problem / Pain Points to internalize your vision and business needs before we can propose you the right technical solution.

Scoping the Requirement

Our team of consultants conducts user interviews to understand on-the-ground challenges and identify user expectations to better understand the requirements and plan right strategy.

Techno business sessions

Based on your organisation version of the idea vis-à-vis actual ground requirements, ISIT’s team of consultants perform intense brainstorming sessions.

Building success for your business

The techno business sessions output gives us the required clarity based on which we deploy our technical resources to the project. All the implementation projects are headed by experienced Project Managers.

Our services are

Organizational Transformation

If you're not willing to change your business models or recognize the need to do so, chances are that your organization will fail. Your key to transformation depends largely on your organization's ability to capture, analyze, leverage, and distribute the wealth of information you have and need to be successful.

Process Reengineering

Objectives of a 5% or 10% improvement in business processes each year must give way to process reengineering efforts that achieve 50%, 100% or even 1,000% improvement. Today's organizations must seek not just fractional, but exponential levels of improvement to remain in existence

Technology Implementation

New products, new business models, and the steady stream of new applications among technology providers make it tough for organizations to understand all their options and worse yet, to make the best choice.

Project Management

Projects are neither new nor are they revolutionary. The ultimate purpose of any project is to defeat the external and internal factors that oppose it to claim some sort of prize for your organization. That prize is a measurable reality that corresponds to and enhances your organization's vision.

Performance Measurement

If you don't improve - at least at a marginal rate, then you probably aren't even maintaining the current level of productivity and profitability require to foster growth. In your organization, there is only one imperative: measurable results.

Finance Consulting

For small and mid-size business units, ISIT’s team of experts does finance analysis, recommendations, analysis of balance sheets and other financial documents, offering recommendations in investment strategies, portfolio management etc.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of data, data visualization, recommendations, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing consulting and implementation projects