Our Products

Security and Surveillance Solution

This product addresses the issues arising out of physical secure access and security audit, there by predicting security breach and suggesting gaps. It also deals with smart (intelligent) safety management of premises and equipment there-in. We offer the service laced with latest technology and leverage the predictive, AI (artificial intelligence) based reporting and analytics to keep our selves different from the rest.


Security and Safety lapses amounts to insurmountable losses for the clients. Hence the clients are always vigil to thwart any unprecedented breaches – physical or virtual.


Our product addresses three key areas in re-enforcing client’s existing effort in security modules.

  • Smart physical access
  • Smart safety management
  • Security through integrated video surveillance


  • Secure physical access leading to confidence in securing physical and virtual assets
  • Video surveillance leads to no-compromise security process implementation
  • Integrated solution – one stop shop saves both wallet (multiple vendors) leading to homogeneity in solution

Document Management Solution

The product addresses and solves the document lifecycle management linked with the workflow along the route while the document is created. The product is available in both on-prem and cloud environment.


In enterprise or in government departments, a document is created along the way passing through variety of business processes and workflow. This gives rise to a need of integrated workflow, document lifecycle (including expiration) management. Adding to this, the need to access it securely because of higher mobility of staffs. This is huge challenge in digitizing a department.

Large corporations with similar solutions The disadvantage with their solution is  Pay a larger sum as license fees Customisation requests not rolled out easily because of bureaucratic set up Customisation happens at larger costs often unmatched expectations with substantial delay


  • Posting documents in all formats (Audio, Video)
  • Document validity management
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Document search capability
  • Secure access of the document
  • Access document from secure locker


  • If client opts for SaaS model, it results into improved bottom line – Lesser cost of IT OPEX (Cost Savings)
  • Ease of secure access of documents life cycle with expiry management
  • Digitisation process can go seamless with the document solution in place

e-Commerce comparative platform

This product offers platform for individual product sellers who sell their product in different e-commerce platform available today, to consolidate the selling price of the product on different platform providers alongside, he/she can choose his own / different strategy to sell his/her merchandise in this platform. To a buyer, this is an ecommerce platform consolidation and offers best price for a product.


Often, the seller has to abide by the selling strategy of the platform provider. This restricts his own selling strategy. The seller may be selling his product in different platforms and operating under unique constraints. This product offers him a chance to execute his own selling strategy as well as consolidate all the other strategies he deploys in other platforms and exposes before the consumer. It will thus give a best view of a product pricing to a consumer and equally empower the seller to position his product.


  • Comparative analytics and reporting
  • History and current trend
  • Sentiment analytics


  • Wider reach to consumers through one more platform with lots of intelligence that aid him/her in determining dynamic selling strategies
  • Analytics and reporting help make correct business decisions
  • CSAT and review

Signage and Kiosk Solution




  • Projections, Screens on the wall, Kiosk that offers interactive possibilities with the audience
  • Content shown on place and time context basis
  • Kiosk – Integrated with POS
  • Provides platform to easily create and centrally manage deployment of content / experiences
  • Retains the flexibility to adapt to location specific information

Reduce personnel cost trough self service (Kiosk)

  • Information sharing
  • Offers and brand promotions
  • Triggers interests with general promotion activity
  • Marketing

The Shared Fleet App



  • Tracking details – driver details, fuel consumption etc
  • Loss of information
  • Loosing on new business
  • Information tracking and management
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Reporting


Actor – Admin

  • Authentication
  • Driver Master
  • Fleet Master
  • Approve Driver
  • Booking status details
  • Vehicle movement tracking
  • Configure Fuel expense / price per km
  • Update T&C • Report – Trip details & Transactions
  • Driver / Ride Review management
  • Alert management system
  • CSR activity/ Ticketing solution

Actor – Driver

  • Authentication
  • Add/update driver profile
  • Offer ride
  • Accept passenger ride request
  • Facilitate money transaction
  • Chat facility with passengers

Actor – Passenger

  • Authentication
  • Add/update passenger information
  • Add/ update payment method
  • Find ride
  • Request the ride
  • Payment
  • Provide driver / ride review


  • Easy and quick tracking of driver details, fuel consumption, passenger details etc
  • Complete control on process
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient use of resource and time

Compliance management software

A platform which helps you manage your compliance effectively and efficiently. With a CMS in place you will be able to

  • Establish oversight for your compliance responsibilities.
  • Develop the execution plan for rolling out, monitoring, and communicating the program.
  • Ensure that feedback gets efficiently tracked and acted upon.
  • Review the operations and ensure that responsibilities are carried out and legal requirements are met.

Various CMS we offer are as listed below,

  • Kool Feedback
  • iKompliancz
  • NABH Pro
  • RERA Point
  • Auction